CSU-Pueblo Students In Class

The goal of the Master's of Business Administration program is to prepare students for high-level management careers in business and other organizations. Students acquire an understanding of management theory and application; the economic, political and social environment in which businesses function; and behavioral skills that are essential in the manager’s role in the implementation of business decisions. The Master's of Business Administration program provides an environment conducive to the development of each student’s ability to think in a creative and effective manner. The program makes extensive use of lectures, group projects, and case studies that are designed to demonstrate the integrative, interdisciplinary nature of business decisions.  

The Master's of Business Administration program is the program of choice for students in southern Colorado as well as for international students around the globe. Students choose our program for many reasons:

  • Reputation and quality of faculty
  • Small class size and access to faculty
  • Modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology
  • Expedited program catering to the working professional
  • Professional advising staff
  • Affordability